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Opportunities at TGC Fashion To Share and Earn

At TGC Fashion, our Ambassador Program is more than just a promotional endeavor—it's a community of passionate fashion enthusiasts who embody the essence of our brand. As a global leader in the fashion industry, we believe in fostering authentic connections and empowering individuals to express their unique style.

Our Ambassador Program is designed to bring together a diverse group of fashion-forward individuals who share a common love for creativity, innovation, and self-expression through fashion. Whether you're a fashion blogger, influencer, or simply someone with a deep appreciation for style, we welcome you to join our exclusive network of ambassadors.

As a TGC Fashion Ambassador, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with our brand, gaining access to exclusive events, product launches, and insider information about upcoming collections. You'll also have the chance to showcase your personal style through our various marketing channels, including social media features, blog posts, and even guest appearances on our digital platforms.


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Follow the steps from the collab application sign up page here:

Once you have filled your information, wait to be approved or (if not accepted we will give recommendations on what we need in order to be able to collaborate.)

Once you accepted your gifts in the platform, we will ship a TGC Package to you with the items you selected. 

We require the following when exchanging media posts for products. 

  1. 2-3+ photos of each individual item. Photos must be complete body. 
  2. 1+ video of entire outfit. 
  3. 2-3+ videos of each piece, add more for more pieces. 
  4. Tag us on social medias Instagram, Tik Tok, and other accounts. 

We are here to help when it comes to editing and creative edits. Send your TGC user generated content here:

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Get your first affiliate commission

When you share a company post you earn 15% of the total sales from your referral links. (Sell 10K in revenues and we will increase your % to 20%, sell 25K make 25%)

You can create custom affiliate links and codes and have sales and commissions be tracked for transparency in your dashboard.
The Affiliate program has been going on for a while now and affiliates are getting paid via Pay Pal. Sign up for the affiliate program here. 
Claudia "C"

Model opportunities and more money-making opportunities 

We are looking for models, bloggers, and photographers to work with our team and promote our timeless products to the world. 

Sign up for Collab / Ambassador program here

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